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Adaptierungsplan für Klinger, 1886 (Stadtgemeinde Baden)

Heinrich Klinger (1832-1905) english

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Heinrich Klinger was man of many facets: as an industrialist, he devoted his energies to the linen and jute production in Bohemia and Moravia and founded several factories. Through his activities in the Chamber of Commerce he also made a name for himself far and wide. As President of the Jewish Community (israelitische Kultusgemeinde) in Vienna he provided particular support for the care of elderly people. Together with his wife Charlotte he purchased a villa in Baden in 1884 where the family spent their summers until 1914. Heinrich’s son Norbert was a lawyer and married Seraphine Straus, the sister of the composer Oskar Straus. Her uncle Alfred Stern was in turn a colleague of Heinrich Klinger’s in the executive committee of the Vienna Jewish Community. Norbert acquired a significant art collection, which was confiscated by the Nazis. He died in 1941 in the Jewish Hospital, for which his father had once provided financial support. Seraphine was deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp, where her life ended in 1943.