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Gustav Heller (1857-1937) english

Marchetstraße 76

The brothers Gustav and Wilhelm Heller founded a confectionery factory in Vienna and rapidly expanded – soon they became famous as the “Zuckerl-Heller” – the “Sweetie Hellers”. Their “Wiener Zuckerl” is still one of the standard products of all sweet shops and confectioneries. In 1907 Gustav Heller bought a villa in Baden from Adolph Ignaz Mautner Markhof; it had an impressive wrought-iron veranda originally made for the 1889 World Fair. After Gustav’s death in 1937, his children Grete, Hans and Marianne each inherited a third of his estate. Grete married Karl Rutter and survived the war in Vienna, protected by her non-Jewish husband. Hans fled to America, his third share was confiscated. Marianne died in 1938 in Vienna, her husband Otto Wolf fled with sons Thomas and Martin to Argentina. After 1938 the siblings had to “sell” their shares of the inheritance, the composer Heinrich Strecker acquired them, one after the other. The villa is still in the ownership of the Strecker family.